What We Do

Strategic Intervention Areas

Humanity Family Foundation for Peace and Development (HUFFPED) strategic intervention areas include the following:

GENDER: HUFFPED works on thematic areas on Women-oriented projects which includes protection against Domestic Violence and Sexual assault, sexual and reproductive health for women, women Empowerment and Income Generation and women involvement in governance

ADVOCACY: HUFFPED collaborates actively with stakeholders at Government and Community levels at different fora and projects implementation to ensure policy reform and reviews for the wellbeing of Women, Children and Youths and for the State and Communities to take ownership of projects and enhance sustainability.

WASH: HUFFPED implements in the areas of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene through several interventions as follows:

    1. Provision of Potable water for Communities in need.
    2. Intervening in Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)
    3. Implementing Open Defecation Free interventions
    4. Creation and maintenance of WASHCOM
    5. Water Policy review and reform processes
    6. Hygiene Behaviour Change strategies in Health Facilities, Communities and Schools

HIV: Working on Strengthening Integrated Delivery of HIV and AIDS Services (SIDHAS– FHI360), APIN (CDC), ENR (PLACE, PEP, STAR) we have implemented several interventions with in-school youths, out-of-school youths, uniform service personnel, female sex workers, transport workers being part of Most-At-Risk-Populations (MARPs) and the general populace, under prevention. HIV Counseling and testing (HCT) have been the gateway between prevention and treatment in our activities.